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Capaill Uisce Foal by Aislein Capaill Uisce Foal :iconaislein:Aislein 1 0
Sneaky thiefsy Pronling
Features Princess Aislinn
Spring, Y768NA
Glenmore, Knox's Glade

Spring, spring, spring. Green grass beneath tiny hooves, joyful bleats and quick little games, dam and nannies chasing giggling hinds and harts. All well outside the somewhat silent glade of Lord Knox, of which a little golden figure wasn't likely to leave it silent much more long, the quick swish of a soft tail, tiny hooves set one before the other with purpose. The golden hind picking her way around her father's glade with great interest, curious eyes glinting almost with mischief, little eyes looking for curious things. And those curious little things were always about, particularly in the dens of the other adult does, often unguarded against little fawns. They had fancy stones and feathers, ornately woven vine beauty ware, the bright little flower gardens a few kept for their manes and tails. Flowers aside, Aislinn would happily cart it off to her own little pocket of the glad
:iconaislein:Aislein 2 0
Boucletines: [K150 Morning Star] by Aislein Boucletines: [K150 Morning Star] :iconaislein:Aislein 4 0
Sad Feels || Ruhi
Features Ruhi
Mentions Hulda & Reptar
Summer, Y763NA
Oakfern, Owl’s Tail

Gray nose twitching, twitching, carefully running smells through his memory. Long ears flip flopping, listening for a familiar voice. Wide brown eyes sparkling with determination and staring hard.
Did he see a flicker of silver there?
He jumped forward on spindly legs, hope making his coat tingle with excitement.
But what they sought, was not among the throng before him, no sign of his brother. The tiny silver fawn that had suddenly appeared next to mama’s side, the cute fluff Ruhi had been happy to see, the one he thought was just for him to play with.
But now the silver fawn was gone, and mama seemed sad, she looked real hard for his brother.  But came up empty no matter where she looked, eventually she had told him he prolly get ate but a shadow thing, the bad things she told him t
:iconaislein:Aislein 3 0
On the Beach || Faolan
Features Faolan
Mentions Celt[npc], Aileen[npc] & Aideen
Late Summer, Y758NA
Glenmore, Water Crossing/Beach

The endless darkness splotched with blue from the sky had finally ended, now pale sky rose across. He was alive, somehow he had made it, despite being sure he wouldn’t see his family again.
Half drowned, yes. But most definitely alive.
Judging from the pounding in his chest, the burning in his lungs from the salty water.
He coughed and blinked slowly at the gray and green shore, sand pressed against his slender body, was this the Glenmore place his parents had talked about?
It didn’t seem as green as they said, from what he could see with one eye, he coughed again, water expelling from his airways. Lifting his head seemed to take so much more effort than normal, forcing his tired limbs to move even harder, little by little he pushed himself upright.
His ears flopped limply despite his attem
:iconaislein:Aislein 2 0
Silence your Mind || Hulda
Features Lieutenant Hulda
Mentions Deceased King Pascal[npc]
Fall, Y769NA
Oakfern, The Eyrie

The dappled doe stared at the wall, a stare that didn’t really see, feelings she did not quite understand. They pounded in her mind, in her heart, the words that had thrown her world into disarray.
Four simple words.
The King is dead.
Those words that had entered her ears like poison, those same ears now hanging limp against her jaw. Voices came from her doorway, one of the younger guards had taken position outside, after escorting her back to her space in the Eyrie. Of course the fawntakers would want her present, to have her support them in this moment of grief, she was their pillar as lieutenant.
She didn’t have a single note of energy to acknowledge their presence, she wanted them all to leave, her mouth twitching with the unspoken words.
Words, they muddied everything.
Filling her mind with questions, darkening it with accusations agai
:iconaislein:Aislein 3 0
Daithi Old Ref 765-770 by Aislein Daithi Old Ref 765-770 :iconaislein:Aislein 7 0
The Commission || Faolan
Features Merchants Faolan & Bradach[npc]
Mentions Lord Edbharb[npc] & Butler Idris[npc]
Spring, Y767NA
Glenmore, Glenwood

The champagne stag jolted upright, ears flopping sleepily, vaguely he wondered what had startled him awake. The answer boomed outside his door, a deep voice bellowing, “Merchant! Oi, merchant! I know yer thar!” Green eyes twitched, what idiot could possibly want his attention now, “Jus’ a min, will ya,” he grunted in annoyance.
Determinedly unfurling his thin legs as slowly as possible, he smirked when the voice barked his minute was up, with great effort he poked his nose out the curtain of vines. A decidedly stupid face stared or rather glared down at him, “Ya always keep yer customers waitin?” Barked the gruff creature outside his door. “Depends on mah mood, darlin,” Faolan couldn’t resist winking at the stag, before hastily pulling h
:iconaislein:Aislein 2 0
Leaving Windborne || Faolan
Features Faolan
Mentions Celt[npc], Aileen[npc] & Aideen
Late Summer, Y758NA
Windborne, The Crossing

Faolan didn’t like the look of the water, it looked calm but he knew from others that it could lie, could look like glass on the surface and gobble you up from below. His tail twitched nervously, so did his nose, but mama and papa said this was the best thing for them. For him and Aideen, for themselves, the war was a bad thing, papa didn’t know but Faolan had heard them talking. About the fighting, about how some already hadn’t come back.
He didn’t like the scary tone, it spoke of fear, papa and mama were the bravest of all but they sounded scared. The champagne buckling knew it was something bad, so he readily agreed to leaving, even though he was scared of swimming where his hooves couldn’t touch the bottom.
Aideen had watched them talk, not quite understanding, Faolan was gla
:iconaislein:Aislein 2 0
Shineh feathers and Broken rules by Aislein Shineh feathers and Broken rules :iconaislein:Aislein 11 0 Marrok Madain [FSS] by Aislein Marrok Madain [FSS] :iconaislein:Aislein 9 4 G407 || BlueFyre Prince by Aislein G407 || BlueFyre Prince :iconaislein:Aislein 3 0 G454 || The Witch's Brew by Aislein G454 || The Witch's Brew :iconaislein:Aislein 5 0 H386 || Lionne ornee de bijoux by Aislein H386 || Lionne ornee de bijoux :iconaislein:Aislein 5 0 Boucle Unicorn Foal I114 [Sunny x Rossi] by Aislein Boucle Unicorn Foal I114 [Sunny x Rossi] :iconaislein:Aislein 7 0 I102 ||  La Lionne Du Dragon A L'ecaille Rose by Aislein I102 || La Lionne Du Dragon A L'ecaille Rose :iconaislein:Aislein 6 0


Mature content
Mend What's Broken :iconhayleyfawns:HayleyFawns 3 2
Bics, not sticks-Gift by TheElderTrinity Bics, not sticks-Gift :icontheeldertrinity:TheElderTrinity 28 10 Little Gift by ChemicalyInbalanced Little Gift :iconchemicalyinbalanced:ChemicalyInbalanced 12 3 Frostbite by Manweri Frostbite :iconmanweri:Manweri 166 8 CM // RAINE by Houdinz CM // RAINE :iconhoudinz:Houdinz 5 0 Breath of life by Houdinz Breath of life :iconhoudinz:Houdinz 5 2 CM // OCTAVIA by Houdinz CM // OCTAVIA :iconhoudinz:Houdinz 5 0 Chasing Squirrels by Wildfire-Tama Chasing Squirrels :iconwildfire-tama:Wildfire-Tama 20 2 HARPG | Sunny Side Up by strideroo HARPG | Sunny Side Up :iconstrideroo:strideroo 12 2
I Used To Be So Young
Myrna and her mother, NPC Princess Alana
Spring 762
Market, Glenmore
It was strange to be back home in her father's glade after spending the rut season with her new Lord Svetlikin. It was like being back in her fawnhood, but everything took on a new light now that she was betrothed. 
She and her mother, accompanied by a pair of guards Myrna hadn't bothered to learn the names of, were at the market. Myrna was hoping to find something interesting- a poison, a Blood Magic charm- but if any merchants were brave enough to carry such a thing, they hid them away when Princesses came by to look over their wares.
There was some big hooplah and commotion going on at the edge of the market and Myrna turned to her mother. 
"Looks like the Royal procession," Alana murmured.
And so it was. Svetlikin's glade was far removed from the rest of the royals, and Myrna had managed to avoid seeing young King Drustan since he had presided over her betrothal t
:iconbovidaeloony:bovidaeloony 2 9
When I'm King
Myrna and RPC Aedan
Summer 757
Royal Glades, Glenmore
Aedan could hear the strain in his mother's voice. "Take your sister. Go somewhere. I don't care, just go."
It was unlike Princess Alana to be so badly composed, but her daughter Princess Myrna did have that effect on her. Aedan wasn't even sure what the little scamp had been doing to get on her mother's last nerve, but he could tell now was not the time to argue.
He had been a guard for a year now, and had come back to the family glade to visit his mother. But now that he was here, he scooped up his little sister and took her out into the Royal Glades to play or blow off steam.
And steam she had plenty. "But you should have seen those colts! They were so mean! Guards get to bop unruly stags, why can't I even tell colts to stop being mean to other fillies?"
Aedan chuckled. "Well, did you tell them politely or did you yell?"
Myrna crinkled her nose and
:iconbovidaeloony:bovidaeloony 3 2
A Big Thank You by LadyOfTheYautja A Big Thank You :iconladyoftheyautja:LadyOfTheYautja 3 5 My Helping Hooves by LadyOfTheYautja My Helping Hooves :iconladyoftheyautja:LadyOfTheYautja 7 4 .:Much Needed Help:. by LadyOfTheYautja .:Much Needed Help:. :iconladyoftheyautja:LadyOfTheYautja 7 3
The Heart of a Fawntaker
The sound was far off and faint but he recognized it after a brief moment. A fawn.

Piesk had stopped as well, his ears swivelling in the direction of the sound. He didn’t respond, but he didn’t have to. If he was hearing it, then Saba obviously wasn’t insane. There was a fawn out here, crying for help. Obviously, that fawn was no Oakfern. They had travelled far enough away from the tunnel entrances for that. Besides, the tunnel that they had exited out of was rarely used. It would be highly unlikely for a fawn to have gotten lost and slipped out there. Instincts would have told it to stay away from the light of the moon anyways. For a moment, Saba entertained the thought that perhaps a fawn had spotted the two stags and followed them on their adventure. No, that was just wishful thinking. Saba was a trained Guardsman, and Piesk likely was an observant stag as well. They wouldn’t have failed to notice a fawn following them.
Saba b
:iconhayleyfawns:HayleyFawns 1 0
Time for the Trials - Final by Tomaleck
Mature content
Time for the Trials - Final :icontomaleck:Tomaleck 4 5


Fawnling Design comms [Bacon/Token & Fawn]
Not very good at designing, just don't feel like doing it or you've always wanted one designed by me?

Never fear~

For I'm now taking design comms for Fawnlings! owo
Pixel Icons~
Shaded or non-shaded 50x50 pixel icons with chars of you choice! owo
Fawnling Fawntaur Comms
Your Fawnlings depicted as Fawntaurs! :D

Two options:

1. You supply rough details of what you imagine them to look like and/or wear.

2. I use my imagination! :B

(Option 2 I am happy to take another crack at designing their fawntaur form if you aren't happy with it!)


Aislein's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Hi, Aizzy heeeere. suppose I should tell about myself, no?

I'm 24, american, female(though I do refer to myself as a he at times)

I am single, Asexual/Aromantic(sorry fellas/ladies, totally not interested in being anymore than friends) and I like animals :3

I am an aspiring YouTube gamer! (My channel is… if you'd like to subscribe!)

I am christian(though I often will say jesusfreak, when asked about my religion) but this does not mean I will haress you about it, so don't bother me about it, kay?
I don't particularly care what ethnic background, religion or sexuality you consider yourself, I'm just here to post art and make friends.

my page/profile/art & journals are all neutral zones, anyone posting hate or the like for MY PERSONAL choices will be reported and blocked. so let's all just have a good time!


Peace 'n love y'all~

(and have some stamps)
Screw reality stamp by RainingRaven Swearing Stamp by Murasaki-Ayame Anti-Hate by luvgoodstuf Shaming Meat Eaters Does NOT Save Animals - Stamp by xxsunslashxx:thumb157637540: Stamp by Flamula I love my friends by LadyMidnightSolace Bamboo Pen by Ra-Cal It Always Does :'D !! by xAlalax Stamp: Sleeping Dragons REDO by ShoyDragonrider Unoriginal Stamp by Jiraiya-The-Sage Pay for your hugs stamp by syclopskitten Opinions Stamp by Yume-The-Lynx God-Stamp by Tenchiismyname Aim For The Moon Stamp by MidnightTheUmbreon Too Nice Stamp by MykieThomas Sims stamp by AdeleEevee
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Farewell core, I will miss the beauty of my fav journal skins :saddummy:
Desktop’s power supply is apparently dying, probably no Christmas art from me :saddummy:
Warframe is such a great game...hnnngghhhh
I really need to get a job...stupid bills...

Fawnlings: Siamese Darkening

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 31, 2017, 11:52 AM

Color: Siamese Darkening

Description: Siamese Darkening is an inhibitor gene, it blocks the production of pigment in the fur at warm temperatures, when introduced to cooler weather the inhibitor part of the gene stops working and the base coat begins to show through, most notably on the extremities and face where heat loss tends to occur.

Most extreme examples will be of those who live in really warm or really cold areas.

Gene: sDsD/nsD

Cold:  Fawnlings-Siamese Darkening-Cold Example by Aislein (On Buckskin)
will appear to have an almost normal coloring with very little white from the gene. Will lighten up as the warmth activates the gene again.

Hot: Fawnlings-Siamese Darkening-Hot Example by Aislein (On Silver Classic Champagne)
will appear almost all white with little coloring of the base coat showing through. Will darken when subjected to cold temps


On black: Fawnlings-Siamese Darkening-Sealpoint by Aislein
On Lilac: Fawnlings-Siamese Darkening-Slate-Lilacpoint by Aislein
On Chestnut: Fawnlings-Siamese Darkening-Flamepoint by Aislein
On Palomino: Fawnlings-Siamese Darkening-Flamepoint Cream by Aislein
On Bay: Fawnlings-Siamese Darkening-Chocolatepoint by Aislein
On Double Cream: Fawnlings-Siamese Darkening-Creampoint by Aislein



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