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Pearlescent Hearts [Rize x King] by Aislein Pearlescent Hearts [Rize x King] :iconaislein:Aislein 5 0 The Healer's Curse || Raph by Aislein The Healer's Curse || Raph :iconaislein:Aislein 13 4 AS Little Lion Man || Stag || Saddle by Aislein AS Little Lion Man || Stag || Saddle :iconaislein:Aislein 11 0 Duke Regulus Design by Aislein Duke Regulus Design :iconaislein:Aislein 8 7 Princess Lunalla Design by Aislein Princess Lunalla Design :iconaislein:Aislein 10 8
Honey and Tea || Skadi
Features Skadi
Mentions Azima[as npc] & Gabriel[as npc]
Fall, Y769NA
Silverthorne, Silver Vale

The doe stretched, wincing noticeably, how painful old age was becoming.
Not that she thought herself old, her line tended to live a long time, violent circumstances permitting.
Azima and Gabriel soon called her attention, the pair lurking just outside the door of her den.
Still, bouncing fawns were becoming hard to keep up with.
Following them outside she found what they were so interested in, a funny shaped knot on the tree, it seemed to resemble a fawnling in shape. The pair of course thought the tree fawnling should have a name, to which they decided the old doe herself should figure a name for them, how the pink doe protested but gave in eventually.
“Donna-mae, it shall be called, since I must name it,” Skadi quirked a brow, they only giggled and agreed wholeheartedly, it was a name they wouldn’t know the source of, it w
:iconaislein:Aislein 2 2
Gabriel [Sear x Skadi Fawn] by Aislein Gabriel [Sear x Skadi Fawn] :iconaislein:Aislein 8 6 Easter Raffle Headshots by Aislein Easter Raffle Headshots :iconaislein:Aislein 3 6 A037 Capaill Uisce Foal by Aislein A037 Capaill Uisce Foal :iconaislein:Aislein 1 0 A033 Capaill Uisce Foal by Aislein A033 Capaill Uisce Foal :iconaislein:Aislein 3 0
Sneaky thiefsy Pronling
Features Princess Aislinn
Spring, Y768NA
Glenmore, Knox's Glade

Spring, spring, spring. Green grass beneath tiny hooves, joyful bleats and quick little games, dam and nannies chasing giggling hinds and harts. All well outside the somewhat silent glade of Lord Knox, of which a little golden figure wasn't likely to leave it silent much more long, the quick swish of a soft tail, tiny hooves set one before the other with purpose. The golden hind picking her way around her father's glade with great interest, curious eyes glinting almost with mischief, little eyes looking for curious things. And those curious little things were always about, particularly in the dens of the other adult does, often unguarded against little fawns. They had fancy stones and feathers, ornately woven vine beauty ware, the bright little flower gardens a few kept for their manes and tails. Flowers aside, Aislinn would happily cart it off to her own little pocket of the glad
:iconaislein:Aislein 5 3
Boucletines: [K150 Morning Star] by Aislein Boucletines: [K150 Morning Star] :iconaislein:Aislein 4 0
Sad Feels || Ruhi
Features Ruhi
Mentions Hulda & Reptar
Summer, Y763NA
Oakfern, Owl’s Tail

Gray nose twitching, twitching, carefully running smells through his memory. Long ears flip flopping, listening for a familiar voice. Wide brown eyes sparkling with determination and staring hard.
Did he see a flicker of silver there?
He jumped forward on spindly legs, hope making his coat tingle with excitement.
But what they sought, was not among the throng before him, no sign of his brother. The tiny silver fawn that had suddenly appeared next to mama’s side, the cute fluff Ruhi had been happy to see, the one he thought was just for him to play with.
But now the silver fawn was gone, and mama seemed sad, she looked real hard for his brother.  But came up empty no matter where she looked, eventually she had told him he prolly get ate but a shadow thing, the bad things she told him t
:iconaislein:Aislein 3 0
On the Beach || Faolan
Features Faolan
Mentions Celt[npc], Aileen[npc] & Aideen
Late Summer, Y758NA
Glenmore, Water Crossing/Beach

The endless darkness splotched with blue from the sky had finally ended, now pale sky rose across. He was alive, somehow he had made it, despite being sure he wouldn’t see his family again.
Half drowned, yes. But most definitely alive.
Judging from the pounding in his chest, the burning in his lungs from the salty water.
He coughed and blinked slowly at the gray and green shore, sand pressed against his slender body, was this the Glenmore place his parents had talked about?
It didn’t seem as green as they said, from what he could see with one eye, he coughed again, water expelling from his airways. Lifting his head seemed to take so much more effort than normal, forcing his tired limbs to move even harder, little by little he pushed himself upright.
His ears flopped limply despite his attem
:iconaislein:Aislein 2 0
Silence your Mind || Hulda
Features Lieutenant Hulda
Mentions Deceased King Pascal[npc]
Fall, Y769NA
Oakfern, The Eyrie

The dappled doe stared at the wall, a stare that didn’t really see, feelings she did not quite understand. They pounded in her mind, in her heart, the words that had thrown her world into disarray.
Four simple words.
The King is dead.
Those words that had entered her ears like poison, those same ears now hanging limp against her jaw. Voices came from her doorway, one of the younger guards had taken position outside, after escorting her back to her space in the Eyrie. Of course the fawntakers would want her present, to have her support them in this moment of grief, she was their pillar as lieutenant.
She didn’t have a single note of energy to acknowledge their presence, she wanted them all to leave, her mouth twitching with the unspoken words.
Words, they muddied everything.
Filling her mind with questions, darkening it with accusations agai
:iconaislein:Aislein 3 0
Daithi Old Ref 765-770 by Aislein Daithi Old Ref 765-770 :iconaislein:Aislein 7 0


Weylin's Boys by fulociraptor Weylin's Boys :iconfulociraptor:fulociraptor 9 6 Sore Eyes by Eternityspool Sore Eyes :iconeternityspool:Eternityspool 44 11 Where you Belong by BrokenFawnHill Where you Belong :iconbrokenfawnhill:BrokenFawnHill 5 2
Shall We? [TWI]
The golden doe made her way down a well-shaded trail, trying her best to stay out of the summer sun. Today was particularly sweltering. Jacenty and Lacette, her two little ones, were typically very boisterous and rough-housing. Today, the two-year-olds didn't have any of that playful energy in them; it had seemingly been sapped put by the sun or perhaps leaked from their pores along with their sweat. Their tails were low, ears flicking to chase off pesky flies. It was just a miserable day in general.
“We're almost to the pond, little ones. We can swim and cool off there.” Isetnofret informed the fawns. Their heads lifted a bit with excitement and they exchanged thrilled glances with one another. “Yay!” Lacey bleated shrilly. “W-water!” Jace stuttered. Iset hid her dismay at the sound of his voice catching. The colt had developed a bit of a stutter, as if he didn't have enough to be bullied over due to his pale coat, whi
:iconhayleyrpg:HayleyRPG 1 1
A Pleasure to Have You [TWI]
Sloane could hardly believe all of this was happening. She followed the tall white-splotched stag through the trees, leaving her home behind her with every step. She would have a new home. No, it would be a dwelling to her and nothing more, not a true home. At least Belladonne was with her. The bark-covered filly walked at her side, looking up at her with confusion. She could tell that her mother was upset. Why was Mommy and who was this strange stag? Why had Daddy looked so sad when they left and why had he smelled of blood? Sloane answered none of her daughter's silent questions.
“You'll be happy here. There are two other does here as well. They are commoners and dark, but you should find them agreeable. You're the first Lady of my harem, I hope you're honored.” Sloane snorted loudly at that. “What doe would be honored to be blackmailed into joining the harem of a stag as ugly as you?” All of a sudden, the stag turned on her and she could see fury blazing in h
:iconhayleyrpg:HayleyRPG 5 4
The fam. by DodgerMD The fam. :icondodgermd:DodgerMD 14 4 Herbal Outing by DodgerMD Herbal Outing :icondodgermd:DodgerMD 13 6
Mature content
Flee in the night, Hope not to be caught :iconstrayridges-ec:StrayRidges-EC 3 0
Divine intervention by Kindalo Divine intervention :iconkindalo:Kindalo 19 8 Sunlight and seeds by Rhith Sunlight and seeds :iconrhith:Rhith 13 2
Gossip that Rings in your Ears
Featuring Lady Airlia and NPC Glenmore Ladies
Mentioning Lady Laini, Count Raven, Lord Knox and Naos (NPC)
Year 770 of the New Age, Winter
Glenmore, The Royal Ladies Theater Stage
Airlia felt her body relax as she descended from the stage. Almost five years old and she was starting to be allowed to preform. She wasn’t exactly a junior member yet, still classified as an understudy, but the older does within the group were starting to take notice of her. She had just run through vocal exercises a while ago and was still feeling the hum of the stage. Oh how she wanted to be
:iconbreezy-likes-to-rp:Breezy-likes-to-RP 3 0
An Exploration Gone Wrong
Featuring Lady Airlia, Count Raven, Lord Knox, and Naos (NPC)
Mentioning Lady Laini and Lord Kaden
Year 768 of the New Age, Winter
Glenmore, The Glenwood
Lady Airlia:
Airlia sneezed as she flopped through the piles of snow. This was the second winter she could remember. Last year she couldn't even manage to walk outside the den without being completely engulfed in powdered white. This year, however, she had grown quite a bit and could now flip through the snow with ease.
She g
:iconbreezy-likes-to-rp:Breezy-likes-to-RP 4 0
[TWI] Collaborative Training! ST! [CLOSED] by StrayRidges-EC [TWI] Collaborative Training! ST! [CLOSED] :iconstrayridges-ec:StrayRidges-EC 10 81 Riverbed (Art) by TigressDesign Riverbed (Art) :icontigressdesign:TigressDesign 37 5
Mature content
Riverbed :icontigressdesign:TigressDesign 17 35
Sequana | Doe | OF Fawntaker by TigressDesign Sequana | Doe | OF Fawntaker :icontigressdesign:TigressDesign 269 12


Aislein's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Hi, Aizzy heeeere. suppose I should tell about myself, no?

I'm 24, american, female(though I do refer to myself as a he at times)

I am single, Asexual/Aromantic(sorry fellas/ladies, totally not interested in being anymore than friends) and I like animals :3

I am an aspiring YouTube gamer! (My channel is… if you'd like to subscribe!)

I am christian(though I often will say jesusfreak, when asked about my religion) but this does not mean I will haress you about it, so don't bother me about it, kay?
I don't particularly care what ethnic background, religion or sexuality you consider yourself, I'm just here to post art and make friends.

my page/profile/art & journals are all neutral zones, anyone posting hate or the like for MY PERSONAL choices will be reported and blocked. so let's all just have a good time!


Peace 'n love y'all~

(and have some stamps)
Screw reality stamp by RainingRaven Swearing Stamp by Murasaki-Ayame Anti-Hate by luvgoodstuf Shaming Meat Eaters Does NOT Save Animals - Stamp by xxsunslashxx:thumb157637540: Stamp by Flamula I love my friends by LadyMidnightSolace Bamboo Pen by Ra-Cal It Always Does :'D !! by xAlalax Stamp: Sleeping Dragons REDO by ShoyDragonrider Unoriginal Stamp by Jiraiya-The-Sage Pay for your hugs stamp by syclopskitten Opinions Stamp by Yume-The-Lynx God-Stamp by Tenchiismyname Aim For The Moon Stamp by MidnightTheUmbreon Too Nice Stamp by MykieThomas Sims stamp by AdeleEevee
Fav and Run stamp by F4LL3N-0N3 running horse by FeiTerry


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Farewell core, I will miss the beauty of my fav journal skins :saddummy:
Desktop’s power supply is apparently dying, probably no Christmas art from me :saddummy:
Warframe is such a great game...hnnngghhhh
So given time to cool my brain and vent a little to someone I will give a proper explanation of sorts.

I’m not good at expressing myself, partly because I’m a very private person, partly because as the oldest of my sibs I’m expected to be the most mature and reasonable one. 

For several years now I’ve been suffering from what I believe is undiagnosed depression, and because I hate being a bother to anyone, I kept it to myself.

With my computer being down since December, I was getting more and more stressed out not being able to draw digitally, and subsequent loss of three pets over the last few months left my mind in shambles. 

The day I posted the journal was basically the straw that broke the camels back.

I'm mainly updating this because people became concerned, I’m fine for now, my stupid computer is working (if laggy and internetless), I’ll probably still be iffy about being around but I am here and may start posting things soon so!

Please don’t worry too much, k! :3

This journal was honestly a long time coming, but I’m taking a break from dA, the last thing that made me get on everyday is gone. 

I have no reason to do anything on here anymore, so.

All my creatures and stories are frozen, maybe when I have the time or energy I’ll come back, I just don’t know at this point.

This is by no means a dead account and art theft will be reported to me by close friends.

See y’all later...



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